The Dream Team

Experience. Design. Freshness. Cutting Edge.

With multiple people in the office, we can generally fit your project in on your timeline. We have multiple draftspersons in the office and many professionals in our team that we work closely with including Builders, Surveyors, Engineers, Energy Raters, Horticulturlists and more.

Stuart Miller

Stuart has been active in the building industry in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula for over 40 years. Having been involved in Hardware, Building Inspection and Design, his local knowledge of property, council regulations and environmental aspects stands him in good stead as the primary visionary of the Design Solutions team. His philosophy of sustainability is at the forefront of his designs, and this carries through to his everyday life being a strong proponent of electric vehicles and sustainable living.

Lachlan Miller

Lachlan rounds out the team, bringing design, IT skills and On-Site Carpentry to complete the picture. Lachlan has physically built two of his own houses in the area as well as being a photographer, computer technician, building designer and Carpenter, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge to the group.

Ryan Ladd

Ryan has been a fixture with Stuart Miller Design Solutions since 2013 when he commenced his architecture journey. Qualifying as an architect in 2021, Ryan is at the forefront of contemporary design and believes that proportion, scale and materiality are key considerations for every project in order to relate to the site, surrounding context and the function of the design.